Try SHINE first functional prototype

Issuing time:2022-11-24 18:46

ANYONE interested in saving water and reducing CO2 emissions?

This week, we received government representatives and organizations to experience the first functional prototype in our SHINE office!

- Jinan Municipal Government Office in Shanghai, Mr. Wei Wei and Mr. QiaoXiao Feng, Executive Head of Jinan Human Ressource.

- The Deputy and General Manager of Changyang Campus, Mr. ZhanRuigang and Ms. Sunjie.

- The Executive Vice President, Mrs. Wang Lei, and Business Development Director, Ms. Ge Nifang, of Shanghai TusStar.

- The Advisor of Shanghai United Foundation 上海联劝公益基⾦会, Mrs.Angel Choy

Positive comments and interest were expressed throughout the visits as well as new projects and collaborations in the scope!

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