Interview with Sophia Slingerland

Issuing time:2022-10-28 19:28

We asked this question to Sophia Slingerland:

"Has your ESG leadership had any impact on your dealings with local partners or government? How does your approach help to foster

ESG bestpractice in China?"

Here's her answer: "Yes! When dealing with local partners or government Ialways focus on the following aspects:

- Concrete solution: I show them that the solutions I am developing are possible, affordable and can save a lot of natural resources while

reducing carbon footprint dramatically!

- Value Education: Education plays a big part in my relationship with local entities and government. Especially because for sustainability,

we need to rethink the way we are living today and change our lifestyle. Besides being a business owner, I also enjoy teaching and

sharing my knowledge. I have been teaching at the Shanghai university, school of art and Xi’an Liverpool university.

- Think Global, Act Local: My experience in sustainability started 25 years ago in Europe with projects on three continents, including in

America and China.

Whereas the issues are global my solutions are always tailored for the localmarket. I always try to understand the local needs to better

adapt and offer asolution that fits local needs.

For example, I have developed fully dry vacuum toilet, more suitable for urban cities and local lifestyle in China."

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