Two SHINEs for a Greener Future!

Issuing time:2023-07-20 18:36

During the Carbon Neutrality Expo, we were delighted to welcome SHINE, a distinguished digital media platform, as our guests. They provided an engaging introduction to our SHINE Green dry toilet, highlighting the substantial impact of this eco-friendly solution.

It's important to note that while both our organizations share a similar name, SHINE is primarily known as the largest English-language newspaper in East China, powered by Shanghai Daily. They are renowned for delivering timely breaking news, authoritative opinions, and insightful analyses on matters concerning Shanghai and China.

Having SHINE at the expo was a valuable opportunity to reach a wider audience and promote the significance of sustainable solutions like our SHINE Green dry toilet in contributing to #carbonneutrality and #environmental preservation.

We sincerely appreciate their presence and support in advancing our vision for a greener and more #sustainablefuture.

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