WiS Community event

Issuing time:2023-03-17 16:19

Community development can help people to use their experiences to collaborate with each others, and make a difference to combat poverty, climate crisis and more!

Last week, we successfully held the 8th edition of WiS about“How to Impact with Community Development?”.

We have invited three speakers to lead this interactive forum and showcase real-world applications & projects in this area.

- Christine Zhouqi, Executive Director, Educating Girls of Rural China (EGRC).

- Sophia Slingerland, Founder, SHINE (Zero-Carbon Ecological Solution).

- Yao Pengyu, Project Manager, B Corps China (Sustainable Business Development).

Many thanks to Akila for hosting this edition in their office and providing refreshments for the attendees.

We would like to thank as well our long term partners for their support Hamburg Liaison Office China, TEEC and Expat-Services.cn.


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