Water Crisis Facts

Issuing time:2021-10-21 10:00

We are actually wasting 35 liters of water per day per person just by flushing toilets.

But have we forgotten that water IS the main reason for life on earth ?

Just think about it.

We are 7,800,000,000 people on earth (as of March 2020), Source: Wikipedia.

It means we could be wasting 273, 000,000,000 liters of water per day, just to flush toilets !

This is just insane.

In addition to the #pollution caused to clean water: which is adding 76.64 CO2 emission per liter !!!

... And we have not talked about the energy and chemicals we are using to clean our toilets.

And now you understand why we are so concerned about toilets !!!

At Ateliers-Phi, we have developed a new concept for dry toilets: clean, 0 consumption, 0 waste and easy to use.

Starting in 2018 with the #waterless, off the grid (for water and electricity) ecological portable toilets. Today we are able to build a vacuum system toilet for inside building usage, to respond to the UN 50LHome program.

Are you curious? Please get in touch with us!

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Since 2018, Ateliers Phi develops SHINE toilets concepts - the first ecological waterless and off the grid dry toilets, developed with natural and up-cycled waste materials.